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First FDA Warning to Food Importer

First FDA Warning to Food Importer
First FDA Warning to Food Importer

In March 2019, the FDA announced its new strategy aiming to decrease public health risks while maintaining a level playing field for both domestic and foreign producers. Following a recent inspection conducted in response to a recent Salmonella outbreak, the FDA revealed that it issued its first warning letter to a U.S. food importer that was not in compliance with the Foreign Supplier Verification Programs (FSVP). The letter states that if the importer does not take prompt action to correct the violation, the FDA may take further action, including refusal to admit all food imports from this importer.

Food importers should take this opportunity to review these FDA requirements to ensure they are in compliance. To learn more about FDA Strategy on Safety of Imported Foodand the FSVP, click here.


To learn more about the FDA’s First Warning, click here.

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