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New TSCA Certification Requirements for Composite Wood Products

New TSCA Certification Requirements for Composite Wood Products

As previously reported, Composite Wood Imports Must Be TSCA Compliant by March 2019. Accordingly, we have put together a summary the New TSCA Certification Requirements below.


  • A certification must be signed and filed electronically or in writing with CBP by the importer or an authorized agent of the importer

  • A certification must include the certifier’s name, email address, and telephone number

  • Importer’s Certification Statement must certify either that the chemical shipment is subject to TSCA and complies with all applicable rules and orders (positive certification) or that the chemical shipment is not subject to TSCA (negative certification)


  • Positive Certification: “I certify that all chemical substances in this shipment comply with all applicable rules or orders under TSCA and that I am not offering a chemical substance for entry in violation of TSCA or any applicable rule or order thereunder.”

  • Negative Certification: “I certify that all chemicals in this shipment are not subject to TSCA.”

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